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  1. Acad J Educ Res

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Research Article

Academia Journal of Educational Research  5(10): 370-376, October 2017
DOI: 10.15413/ajer.2016.0141
ISSN 2315-7704
2017 Academia Publishing



Exploratory Student Rating Survey on the Instructional Strategies Used by Lecturers at Kanye SDA College of Nursing

Accepted 28th September, 2017

Moyo S. E* and Segwagwe L. L

Kanye Seventh day Adventist College of Nursing, University of Botswana, Botswana.

Higher education learning experience deemed quality as the only extent to which the lecturers varying instructional strategies are realized. The variation of instructional strategies enables productive learning for various students’ with different learning ability. There is no fits all size in teaching and learning. This study therefore is a survey in descriptive design which explored instructional strategies used by the lecturers in teaching and learning at Kanye Seventh Day Adventist College of Nursing (KSDACON). A closed ended item questionnaire was used to collect data. The study employed purposive sampling and the sample size was composed of a hundred and forty-three (143) nursing students at KSDACON from different programmes including general nursing, midwifery and family nurse practitioner. Data was analyzed utilizing Statistical Package of the Social Science (SPSS) version 23 and data presented using frequency counts and percentages in tables. For the classroom activities, the findings reflected that majority of the respondents selected an interactive lecture as a commonly used instructional strategy. The findings for online and assignment activities revealed that self-directed learning and tutorials were commonly used respectively. The researchers recommended that lecturers should be capacitated on the various instructional strategies especially in those that encouraged active learning. Future research is necessary to evaluate if the interactive method is correctly implemented.

Key words: Instructional strategies, lecturers, Kanye SDA College of Nursing, student rating.

This is an open access article published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. 

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Moyo SE, Segwagwe LL (2017). Exploratory Student Rating Survey on the Instructional Strategies Used by Lecturers at Kanye SDA College of Nursing. Acad. J. Educ. Res. 5(10): 370-376

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